Head Coach Academy is CEO training for head coaches—and aspiring head coaches—in every sport.

We provide free, live webinars covering the most crucial executive aspects of head coaching: planning and organization, leadership and culture, money and people. 

Successful head coaches don't just call plays. They act as CEOs of their programs. But even the best head coaches have told us they could use additional education on some aspect of their complex job. Whether it's defining and building a winning culture or dealing with parents, we provide the tools you need to grow as the chief executive of your team.  


We are Coaches. 

Coaching isn’t just our business; it’s our passion. Many of our staff members have extensive experience coaching high school athletics. We’ve faced the same challenges you have. We had to learn the hard way. We’ve seen the influence of a head coach who's an effective CEO, and we want to empower more coaches to fill that role. 

We are Glazier Clinics.

For nearly four decades, we’ve been providing the best in football coaching education. This year, we hosted 34 coaching clinics in 31 cities across the United States. More than 37,000 attendees joined us so they could become better coaches and win more.

Listening to these coaches persuaded us of the need for head coach CEO training—a need that exists in every sport.

We are convinced …

When the head coach is a well-rounded CEO of his or her team, everyone wins. We’ve created Head Coach Academy to help head coaches do their job with excellence. It will transform tens of thousands of programs and benefit millions of student athletes.